Biden Removed Trump Executive Order, Opening Doorway To Pushing Chinese Propaganda into Schools

President Trump was a man who took action against propaganda and harmful and hateful indoctrination that took place  You may even remember that last year he designated the Confucius Institutes as foreign propaganda agents of the People's Republic of China.

Now, Biden is reversing course and bringing back Chinese propaganda to our school and therefore, our children.

“Biden also reversed an order that would mandate the disclosure of any agreement made between American schools and Confucius Institutes. Operated by Chinese Communist Party-affiliated entities, Confucius Institutes peddle Chinese influence and monitor Chinese students on U.S. campuses. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo designated the Confucius Institute as a “foreign mission” for the Communist Party last year. Biden’s reversal of the pending order would alleviate pressure and accountability on universities and schools that have signed contracts to welcome the institutes on campus.”

Republicans blasted the national security implications of the reversal. Rep. Mike Gallagher (R., Wis.) warned that China sees American universities as a chief battlefront with Beijing, and the country’s influence requires a harder look rather than a rollback in oversight.

“American universities are on the frontline of our competition with the Chinese Communist Party,” Gallagher told the Washington Free Beacon. “At a time when the CCP is seeking more avenues than ever to influence the direction of American China policy, we should be doing everything possible to shine light on its funding arrangements here in the U.S.”

With Biden in office, you can forget about American exceptionalism. We can forget about America first. We can forget about actually trying to get rid of racism and eliminating propaganda being taught in schools.

The best thing that we can do is to get our children out of public schools and get them into either private schools or the best option, homeschool.

Washington Free Beacon

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