Biden Remarks About Sexual Assault Claims And DENIES Them, Still Running For Presidency Under LIES

Joe Biden in scrambling in so many ways I find it hysterical. He is in a presidential 'war' against President Trump where he just does not want to lose. It absolutely crazy how much the radical Left will go to win against Trump.

He was questioned about the allegations of sexual assault and is completely denying it while the left fully supports him. They have lost all morals just to have their piece of this country or trying.

According to CNN News:

After weeks of pressure mounting on Biden to directly address the allegation, Biden and his top advisers decided to release a carefully crafted statement from the former vice president Friday morning. Biden then sat for an 18-minute interview on the topic. He denied Tara Reade's claim while also saying Reade had a right to be heard and pushing for the Senate to locate any complaint she filed in the 1990s.

"I'm not concerned about what they might find, because I know the truth of the matter," Biden later told a group of former President Barack Obama's administration and campaign alumni in a virtual fundraiser. He has resisted calls to open his Senate records, housed at the University of Delaware, saying they do not contain personnel records and would be used as political fodder.

The presidential contest is plunging ahead on precarious terrain, with even the most basic fundamentals of campaigning suddenly uncertain. It is the most critical six-month stretch of Biden's long political career, the outcome of which will determine whether his long quest to win the presidency is realized.
"This is a referendum on Trump and the choice couldn't be clearer," said Jen O'Malley Dillon, Biden's campaign manager. "We're going to really be focused on that. We won't let him take us off our game."
The left and Biden just need to give up. He is a disgusting old man that wants to run the United States. If he wins we will all be a joke to the rest of the world. Also with him in charge, he will run this country into complete chaos making the USA go back 50 years into suffering.
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