Biden Regime Threatens Withholding Federal Money to Pressure People to Vaccinate in Latest Quid Pro Quo

This administration, or better yet, this regime (because that's what it is) is by far the worse presidential administration that we've had since FDR.

The Obama administration was bad and I couldn't wait for it to end, and when it did, we were all thrilled, I'm sure.

Just last week, we saw the Biden regime allowing the CDC (who has no legal right do so) to extend the eviction moratorium even though Biden has admitted that he knows it's not constitutional and even the Supreme Court has said that it's not.

But do they care? Nope. All Joe Biden said was that at least it will buy them another month or two.

They have no respect for the people of this country or the law.

Now, Biden is preparing for yet another quid pro quo by threatening to withhold federal funding in order to force people to get vaccinated.

“If the Biden administration goes forward with the plans, it would amount to a dramatic escalation in the effort to vaccinate the roughly 90 million Americans who are eligible for shots but who have refused or have been unable to get them,” the Washington Post reported.

“The effort could apply to institutions as varied as long-term-care facilities, cruise ships and universities, potentially impacting millions of Americans, the Post continued, “according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive conversations.”

The White House issued a statement to Fox News neither confirming nor denying the Posts‘ report.

“As we always are, the administration is discussing a host of different measures we can continue to boost vaccinations across the country,” the White House said. “Any reported ideas under consideration are in early conversations and pre-decisional. There are no imminent policy decisions as to preview at this time.”

We are definitely living in a trying time and it's a time that calls for brave men to act appropriately.

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