Biden Regime Suspends Border Agents on Horseback for Doing Their Job, Gov. Abbott Swoops into the Rescue!

The mainstream media has twisted this story completely and blown it way out of proportion.

They're having you believe that these men on horseback were whipping these Haitian immigrants. You know what their agenda is here. They're still trying to push the racist agenda and of course, there is a connection between slavery and whipping black men.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told a House committee this week that the Biden regime will immediately launch an investigation as a result of photos and video taken at the border.

Border Patrol agents on horseback were videotaped doing their job of trying to protect the Del Rio, Texas border.

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said he wants the investigation started and completed in days and not weeks. Thousands of illegal Haitian migrants are in Del Rio, and the agents' mission was to drive them back towards the Rio Grande River back to Mexico.

“I want to assure you that we are addressing this with tremendous speed and tremendous force,” Mayorkas said. “The facts will drive the action we take.”

“It will be completed in days – not weeks,” he added.

Over 200,000 illegal aliens surged the United States border in July and August 2021 alone due to Joe Biden's open border policy. The Biden administration has done nothing to control the surge of illegal migrants which has been out of control when Biden took office.

Several elected Democrats and Biden-appointed members of his administration have spoken out about how outraged they were after viewing the video.

The actions of the agents on horseback are in line with what they are trained to do as Border Patrol Agents. Several of the agents have been suspended or placed on administrative duty pending the findings of the investigation.

They're not interested in fact. They're only interested in their agenda.

Gov. Abbott wasn't just going to sit on his hands during all of this

“First, they wouldn’t have been in that situation had the Biden administration enforced the immigration laws and secured the border in the first place,” Abbott said. “Second, as you know, Chris, the person who took those pictures said that the characterization that the Democrats have made about the Border Patrol using them as whips, whipping people, coming across the border is false. They were simply maneuvering horses.”

“But the last thing I will tell you is what the President said going after the Border Patrol, who were risking their lives and working so hard to try to secure the border, if he takes any action against them whatsoever, I have worked side by side with those Border Patrol agents,” Abbott continued. “I want them to know something, if they are at risk of losing their job, got a president who is abandoning his duty to secure the border, you have a job in the state of Texas. I will hire you to help Texas secure our border.”

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