Biden Regime Sued for Funding Palestinian Authority's Terrorist Attacks

On Tuesday, a lawsuit was filed against the Biden regime and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, accusing them of sending over half a billion taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority (PA), despite allegedly being aware that the PA was funding a policy that was responsible for killing hundreds of Israeli and American citizens.

The lawsuit was filed by America First Legal Foundation and argues that the Biden regime sent large sums of money to the PA, a government that has supported paying terrorists who commit acts of violence against Israelis via the PA Martyrs Fund. This program, also referred to as "Pay to Slay," is responsible for the deaths.

In response to the murders of U.S. citizens by Palestinian terrorists, former President Trump and Congress passed the Taylor Force Act in 2017, which prevents U.S. taxpayer dollars from going to the PA until the regime ends the policy.

However, the lawsuit argues that the Biden regime has continued to send funds to the PA despite this legislation. After announcing in May 2020 that he planned to restore funding to the PA, Biden signed off on over $360 million to the PA the following year.

According to a Palestinian official, that same year, the PA sent $181 million to terrorists who committed acts of violence against Israel. The lawsuit claimed that the regime admitted to Congress a few months before distributing the funds that it was aware that the PA was still implementing the "Pay to Slay" policy. Additionally, in May 2022, a private report to Congress revealed that the Biden regime was aware that the PA had not ceased its deadly policy and had sent another $341 million to terrorists and their families.

The father of Taylor Force, a U.S. Army veteran who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists while on a graduate program trip to Israel, hopes that the lawsuit will hold the regime accountable. "Our role in the lawsuit is as it was in our efforts to enact the original Taylor Force Act – to put a human face on the horrific effects of the Palestinian Authority’s Pay for Slay policy," said Stuart Force. "Multiply the devastating loss of our beloved son Taylor by the hundreds of Israeli families that have also been impacted by this inhumane atrocity of Pay for Slay and you will understand why we are committed to ending the flow of US dollars to the PA."

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