Biden Regime Happily Declares Gas Prices Are Here to Stay

With the average price of gas approaching $5 a gallon, I don't think we'll be able to recover under the Biden administration.

In reality, the Biden regime does not believe that it will change. This came from Biden's own Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, who spoke about the need for more clean energy and a reduction in our reliance on oil.

“We’re gonna get to this clean energy economy — one hydroelectric project, one solar panel, one wind turbine, one geothermal project, one advanced nuclear reactor, one electric vehicle, one battery at a time,” Granholm said during remarks in Tampa, Florida on Thursday.

I'll add a correction to that, gas will likely remain above $4 per gallon as long as there is a Democrat in the White House. If we can get President Trump or Ron DeSantis back into the White House, someone who actually knows what they're doing and what is good for our country, than we could see low gas prices again.

But as long as we're depending on foreign countries and enemies for oil, there's no way that we're going to get low gas prices again.

All of this garbage is just propaganda. Drilling for our own oil is no more detrimental to our environment than digging up lithium for batteries. Have you seen how badly it damages the earth? And it's not sustainable because batteries die.

I'm not going to get in too deep regarding the various problems with the different methods of clean energy, but what I think is likely the largest problem is that we're too far away from having a massive clean energy economy and our current power grid cannot handle it either.

Am I okay with some clean energy? Absolutely, but we don't need to rely on it entirely.

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