Biden Regime Faces a Tough Choice in Dealing with the Growing Migrant Crisis

In the time of just one night this week, a shocking 1000 migrants managed to cross the border into El Paso, Texas. This news comes just ahead of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ visit to the El Paso area this week, making it an even more pressing issue.

This huge influx of migrants has sparked a great deal of concern among the Republican committee members, who are highly critical of the Secretary’s record on immigration. More than fifty Republican members of Congress recently expressed their discontentment, believing that Mayorkas’ response to the growing border crisis has been inadequate.

The Biden regime is now facing a difficult strategic choice in how it handles the large number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. While some are in favor of providing assistance to the migrants, others believe that this is only encouraging more people to make the dangerous journey.

It is also clear that domestic terrorism is on the rise as a result of the migrant surge. As a result, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has called for Mayorkas’ resignation, citing his failures in addressing the current situation.

In response to the border crisis, Kamala Harris has done absolutely nothing in efforts to address the underlying causes of the migration. It's almost as though Biden appointed her to the task of addressing the border situation and she decided to go on vacation instead.

It is evident that a more comprehensive approach is needed to handle the 1000 migrants who have recently crossed the border into El Paso as well as the rest of them that continue to flood in day after day. The Biden regime needs a plan of action that will not only reduce the number of illegal crossings and to address the ones who are here already in a way that is reasonable to everyone.

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