Biden Regime Considers Making Matters Worse as Gas Prices Skyrocket

When Joe Biden started his illegitimate presidency, for the first time in history, the United States was energy independent. With the stroke of a black magic marker, Biden started to undo every sound policy that had led to that monumental national achievement.

Now, the Biden administration is pleading with OPEC, among others, to fill the void his inept energy policies are creating. Since Joe Biden took office, fuel costs and gas prices at the pump have skyrocketed. Americans are feeling the crunch.

It might soon get even worse. Joe Biden cancelled the productive and essential Keystone Pipeline Project. In another baffling decision, his administration gave Russia the go-ahead on their own gas pipeline into Germany.

Talk about a total contradiction of policy. But Americans are slowly realizing that the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris team are out to destroy our country. They are trying to force Americans into all sorts of authoritarian mandates and decrees.

The latest policy consideration is to shut down yet another vital energy artery. In reports, Biden is studying the possibility of closing down Line 5 in Michigan. Line 5 is a 78-year-old energy supply line that is vital to much of the Midwest.

Some find it rather ironic that this pipeline feeds much of what is considered “Trump Country”. Enbridge, a Canadian energy company, owns the pipeline. Enbridge officials are already fighting against corrupt Michigan Governor Whitmer’s attempts to revoke the pipeline’s easement.

While Enbridge is fighting back against Whitmer, Biden is doubling down on destroying America’s energy core. This potential blunder of a decision comes as gas and fuel prices have tripled during Biden’s presidency.

It is also strategically timed ahead of a projected cold winter throughout the Midwest. Heating fuel estimates are already alarming many residents. The shutting down of Line 5 could create grid overloads similar to what Texas endured last winter.

Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, is playing a bait and switch game with Americans. She insisted fuel and gas price surges are because it’s affected by prices on the global market. That’s fine, but not a viable excuse if your country is energy independent.

But clearly, energy independence did not pair well with the liberal’s crazy Green New Deal. Oh, that’s right; Joe Biden’s buffoon energy policies erased that. Now, with OPEC back in control of the market, American’s have seen pump prices for gas skyrocket.

The same is going to happen when the first home heating bills get delivered to mailboxes. Biden tries to force Americans to do whatever his liberal controllers say. Biden is a puppet. He wants forced vaccinations and is trying to coerce everyone into following his orders.

However, the Biden/Harris administration seems is trying a new strategy. With the closing of Line 5, Biden and his liberals want to freeze Americans into accepting their crazy Green New Deal. Bust out the long johns; it might be a long, cold winter for some.

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