Biden Goes To War With State Legislators

Once again, Joe Biden and the morons within his “so-called diverse administration” are attacking anyone who pushes back against their twisted agenda. A key attribute of this administration is its denial of reality. It seems to be the left’s purpose in life to try to convince everyone that what’s real actually isn’t what’s real. It’s insane.

But the most sickening aspect of this ideology is that it targets the most vulnerable, our children. The left is trying to convince kids that biology no longer applies to their gender. According to these twisted people, children can pick and choose whether they’re a boy or a girl. Yes, this is really a high priority for the progressive left.

It’s both sick and dangerous. There are hundreds of twisted medical professionals who are on board with this crazy ambition. They’ll begin the process of mutilating young children if given the chance. Many states are pushing back against this perverse attack on our kids. But does the Biden administration stand behind the youngest and most vulnerable Americans?

No, he does not. In fact, Biden claims it’s close to sinful for state legislators to stand between kids and these sick transgender activist doctors. According to clueless Joe, it’s now bad to stand up for the rights of children. This transgender agenda is so bizarre many Americans don’t even realize how big a push there is. The left is using gender to pervert reality.

But is there some type of connection between all these bizarre explanations of things that appear indisputable? Why does the left continually try to coerce people into believing what’s reality actually isn’t real at all? Democrats keep insisting that there isn’t a problem at the U.S. southern border, when Americans can watch with their own eyes and see that there is.

Then there is this video where Biden acts like the pope himself.

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