Biden Gets Snubbed Again! Even Our Oldest Ally Is Fed Up with Joe

America has a very special relationship with France, which is the country's oldest friend and one of its closest allies. Even when the media attempted to create a divide between Trump and Macron, the two leaders worked together in the War on Terror and worked together to drive out radicalism in Africa.

Things have changed now that Biden is President.

Joe Biden admitted on April 25, 2022, that French President Emmanuel Macron did not answer the phone when he called to congratulate him on his re-election victory. Instead, Joe communicated with staffers who would relay his feelings.

“I feel good about the French election,” Biden said as he returned to DC from a weekend trip home to Delaware. “I tried to talk to him last night. I spoke to his staff and he was at the Eiffel Tower having a good time. And I’m going to be talking to him today.”

Normally, presidential phone calls between heads of state are prearranged by their staffs in order to avoid embarrassing situations like these from occurring. One could infer that Macron was deliberately ignoring Biden in order to gain political advantage.

Given everything that we've seen from Biden lately, it's a wonder why Macron would even want to answer his phone call.

Just keep an eye over Biden's shoulder to see how humiliating that is...

Again, why would Macron waste his time with a senile old man like this?

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