Biden DOJ Wants Capitol Protester Back in Jail for Watching Videos Online

The Biden Department of Justice is anything but a department of justice. They are just another cog in the wheel of tyranny and abuse.

One of the protesters who was at the Capitol on January 6th is possibly facing jail time once again. What was his crime you may wonder to yourself? Well, it was simply reading news and watching videos on Rumble.

Since when is watching conservative news and watching the Cyber Symposium from Mike Lindell a crime?

In some newly filed court documents, prosecutors said:

“A mere thirty days after his release from the D.C. Jail, defendant Douglas Jensen was found alone, in his garage, using a WiFi-connected iPhone to stream news from Rumble.”


“Jensen eventually admitted to his Pretrial Services Officer that in the previous week, he had spent two days watching Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium regarding the recount of the presidential election,”


"But Jensen’s swift violation confirms what the Government and this Court suspected all along: that Jensen’s alleged disavowal of QAnon was just an act; that his alleged epiphany inside the D.C. Jail was merely self-advocacy; and that, at the end of the day, Jensen will not abandon the misguided theories and beliefs."

Jensen’s claims of reform cannot be credited, nor can he be trusted to abide by this Court’s orders. Jensen is already subject to the highest degree of supervision, which means there are no additional conditions of release that this Court can impose to protect the public from Jensen or to ensure compliance with the Court’s release conditions.

To allow Jensen to remain on pretrial release would be to repose trust in an undeserving individual who has already proven himself unwilling to modify, much less rethink his behavior, after January 6. Jensen remains a danger to the community and cannot be trusted by this Court to abide by any conditions of release.

All of this is garbage. Here's what's happening, they're mad because he hasn't been brainwashed into their side of insanity.

Watching the news is not illegal. Watching an event (a legal event) is not illegal. They just don't like it. Having conservative values does not make one

These are Gestapo-like tactics or something that you would see in North Korea. In North Korea they control what you see on TV and what you hear on the radio, that is if you get either one of those things.

There is a reason why people like us are not "deterred from returning to conspiracy theories" is because there is evidence that suggests that we're right and we want to keep going until we find out the truth. Why are they trying to deter everyone from seeking out the truth? There is only one reason and that's because they know what we'll find.

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