Biden Doesn't Get The Response He Was Hoping For LOL! - WATCH

So the President recently went to Las Vegas, Nevada, to give a speech about his "budget."

While delivering his message to a friendly audience, he mentions equity 63 times, climate 148 times, and environmental justice 25 times. However, he only mentioned inflation ten times, fentanyl twice, border security eight times, and gas prices three times.

Biden's speech was filled with all the usual rhetoric we've seen in the past. Biden said that "After decades of trying to take on Big Pharma, we finally, finally won."

Just follow Biden's train of thought. He's all over the place.

From the White House Press office:

Now, but right now right now, we have — regardless of how much they cumulatively are paying for all of the drugs they need.

And now it’s capped at — because I’ve been — my family has been deeply involved, as a consequence of cancer and my son dying of Stage — my son dying of Stage 3 glioblastoma because he was exposed to those burn pits for a year in Iraq. And my fa- —

Anyway, you all — how many here have had you or a family member be diagnosed with cancer? Raise your hand. It’s probably, as the docs know, the most devastating word they can tell a patient. You got a serious heart disease, you may die; that’s worrisome. More people die of heart disease than they do from cancer. But cancer scares the living hell out of every single person.

Well, folks, you know, a lot of those drugs now that are available, that are very helpful — and, by the way, I — I’ve declared war on — on cancer. We’ve set up — (applause) — no, I really have. I’ve gotten $5 billion for cancer research through NIH, like we did through the Defense Department for special weapons systems — the same system.


But for one moment the President said something we can all agree with, he's not popular.

Not long after Biden received the response he deserved.

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