Biden Declares a National Climаte Change Emergency - But is There a Bigger Plan?

A gradual transition to more environmentally friendly energy sources would be beneficial, as rational people understand. The argument about a sensible switch to renewable energy, however, has been distorted by the radical left.

The left-leaning progressive movement is advocating for a dangerously quick transformation under the umbrella of climаte change. They demand everything right away. The financial havoc that a wildly quick transition would bring about is not taken into account.

The majority of climаte change charlatans are affluent elitists. They can afford to quickly switch to completely renewable energy sources because they have the means to do so. The bulk of Americans, however, will struggle to financially sustain such significant changes.

But that’s not stopping Joe Biden. Under the guise of the “Green New Deal,” the Biden agenda has attempted to sneak radical climаte change policies inside massive spending bills. Thankfully, a couple of common-sense Democrats pushed back.

Biden’s Build Back Better legislation was stuffed with billions to fund this radical shift in energy policy. Because of Senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, it failed. Without the ability to use the proper channels for such dramatic social changes, the left is looking elsewhere.

Now, Biden is trying to hang this burden on the American people through an executive order. He doesn’t have that power, but he’s reportedly going to try. Biden is scheduled to make a trip to Somerset, Massachusetts.

According to reports from the White House, he is going to make a speech about “tackling the climаte crisis and seizing the opportunity of a clean energy future to create jobs and lower costs for families.” This is the same moron who killed thousands of energy jobs the day he took office.

The radical left has no intention of boosting the economic welfare of Americans by creating “clean energy jobs.” The number of clean energy jobs they propose to create, compared to those jobs lost by Biden’s attack on the fossil fuel industry, is nominal at best.

The U.S. Senate is working on legislative measures to promote a more gradual shift. This is unacceptable to climаte change radicals. They insist on an “all right now approach.” The White House says that if nothing is done, Biden may declare a national climаte emergency. Well, this is precisely what he did this week.

But there’s a lot more to this than just an emergency declaration. This “climаte change emergency” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is a total power grab by the Biden administration. American families will suffer tremendously. This is about clean energy. It’s about control.

In February, the Center for Biological Diversity published a report that outlined the radical agenda being considered by the Biden administration. The report said that “declaring an emergency would authorize the Biden administration to execute key climаte executive actions.”

Such an order would give Biden the sole capacity to limit all fossil fuel imports and exports. Joe Biden could suspend all offshore drilling leases, which account for 11 million acres of federal waters used by critical energy suppliers.

Biden could also reinstate a crude oil export ban that Congress voted to repeal. Ironically, all of these threats to use executive action came one day after Joe Manchin revealed that he would not support a bill that spends billions on unrealistic climаte change policies.


This isn’t an effort to help the world move towards cleaner sources of energy. Joe Biden and the left are using climаte change as a tool to control society. Their abrupt call for change will destroy the lives of millions of Americans. Radical climаte change policies are part of a bigger plan.

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