Biden Crime Family Investigation Just Got Juicy!

The House Oversight Committee led by James Comer (R-KY) recently accused the Biden administration of obstructing their investigation into the financial dealings of the Biden Crime Family. In a letter addressed to the Treasury Department, Comer expressed his concern over the department's apparent lack of cooperation and delay in producing Suspicious Activity Reports requested by the committee. He also suggested that it was possible that the Treasury Department were deliberately delaying production of these documents in an effort to hinder their investigation.

The chairman further criticized Treasury Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oversight Isabella More for her excuses concerning her organization's slow response, noting that it had been almost a year since the initial request for information. To move things along, Comer invited More to testify before his committee on March 10, 2021.

“During the Committee’s dialogue with Treasury, you have made several excuses for Treasury’s delay regarding this production,” Comer wrote. “Given the amount of time that has passed since our initial request and Treasury’s inability to provide a projected timeframe when the [Suspicious Activity Reports] will be produced, the Committee believes Treasury may be delaying its production to hinder our investigation and operating in bad faith.”

It's important to note that this is not just any investigation but one that has been launched by House Republicans since they regained control of Congress. The main goal is to uncover what exactly President Biden knew about his son Hunter and brother James' foreign business deals with businessmen from countries such as China, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Despite denying any knowledge or involvement in Hunter's deals multiple times, an audio file found on Hunter’s laptop suggests otherwise. In 2018, Joe Biden left a voicemail for his son concerning a New York Times story about Chinese businessman Ye Jianming who was formerly involved with Hunter’s businesses. This evidence serves as further proof that Biden may have known more than he has admitted so far.

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