Biden Cracks Up Over High Inflation, Gas Prices, and Rent During WH Dinner

The first White House Correspondents Association Dinner since the pandemic was held over the weekend at the White House. Several celebrities attended the event, which at times devolved into a Joe Biden roast.

But it was Trevor Noah - a liberal, mind you - who uttered one of the most true things about Biden's presidency that night.

“Since you’ve come into office, things are really looking up,” Noah, the emcee of the dinner said while addressing Biden, "Gas is up, rent is up, food is up! Everything."

It's a joke, but it's 100% the truth. And what was Biden's response? Take a look for yourself.

Yep. That's his attitude. He literally doesn't care about you or me. Rich elitists never care about us, they only care about their power and control.

Back in February, Biden had said,

“Almost a million Americans have died of COVID and so I think it’s hard for people to get their arms around the fact that we have the fastest growing economy in 40 years, wages are actually up — not down, unemployment is the lowest it’s been….You know it’s just incredibly low, and it’s around the in the three-point range.”

“We find ourselves in a position where it’s hard to fully appreciate that when you wake up in the morning and wondering whether or not your uncle, aunt, mother, father, son, daughter who has COVID are going to be okay,” Biden added.

Are wages up? Yeah, probably so, because nobody wants to work and so employers are having to pay them more money to try and get them to work. But all those raises don't mean anything when you have 11% inflation unless the average worker is making and additional 11% compared to what they were making before. Even then, that just means that you're making the same amount as before. But here's the kicker, you're actually making less more than likely because in making more money, you enter a new tax bracket in which you have to pay more taxes. It is very possible that your take home could be the same amount as before, but more than likely, but we now live in an America where everything costs more.

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