Biden Caught Funneling Money to the Mob

There arguably has never been a presidential administration as corrupt as the Biden regime. I used to think that the Obama administration had problems, but my word, the Biden regime beats all I've ever seen. We've never seen the level of crime involvement, gaslighting, and misappropriation of taxpayer dollars than we've seen from the Big Guy. And now matters just got worse because we now see that he's been funneling money to the mob.

In recent months, the US government has handed out billions of dollars in taxpayer money with seemingly no end. One particular instance came in December 2020, when a $36 billion bailout package was given to the Teamsters Union for their mismanaged pension fund. The Central State Pension Fund (CSPF) provides pension benefits to nearly 360,000 private-sector workers and retirees, many of whom are members of the Teamsters Union.

Some have questioned whether this is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds, especially when considering that those who mismanaged the pensions were responsible for determining whether or not their funds would receive assistance and there were no safeguards put in place. This situation is all the more concerning when taking into account other looming unfunded liabilities in public employee unions in cities like Chicago and Detroit which amount to billions upon billions of dollars.

The deal comes as part of the Biden administration’s $1.7 trillion COVID relief bill passed by Congress in December 2020. This bill followed the larger American Rescue Plan signed by President Biden earlier that year which amounted to around $1.9 trillion and was designed to inject cash into the economy while it was “well into recovery” despite ongoing housing market booms and stock market climbs. While these bills have been met with some criticism, they demonstrate a notable trend: those who wield power are increasingly willing to bribe Americans with their own money as they look for ways to distribute wealth within to those who they most benefit from.

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