Biden Begs OPEC and US Oil Companies to Pump More Oil as Prices Surge After He SLASHED US Production (VIDEO)

During the Trump administration, the United States achieved what every single U.S. President has promised since Richard Nixon. America became energy independent. With a black magic marker, Joe Biden destroyed this monumental achievement in seconds.

Biden started by canceling the completion of the Keystone Pipeline. His insane, “Green New Deal” policies have continued to erode America’s energy independence. Since Joe Biden took office, the United States is now pleading for increased oil production.

Policies that kept gas prices at the pump low, plus helped preserve the affordability of other key parts of America’s energy grid; have been wiped out by Joe Biden. This is just one of an endless list of Biden policy blunders that are harming everyday Americans and destroying our nation.

There are many who cannot imagine these insane policy blunders are not purposeful. The border crisis is damaging millions of American lives. Our disorganized and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan undermined our allies and jeopardized our national security.

Draconian COVID mandates are forcing honest, hardworking Americans to choose between their jobs and their personal values. Inflation is creating hardship for every American family. One area where higher prices are cutting into household budgets is energy.

Gas prices have spiked nearly 50 percent from one year ago. Experts are cautioning against an even more devastating increase in heating costs heading into the harsh, cold winter season. Biden’s every move is turning into an ever-worsening disaster.

In addition, his energy policy is driving up fuel and energy costs for Americans, but it’s also putting our national security at risk. Instead of being the world leader in energy production and self-reliant, Biden’s policies are forcing us to plead with OPEC to increase production.

From President Trump’s successful policy to reach energy independence, Joe Biden has driven us back to an unsafe and unnecessary dependence on foreign sources. The Biden regime started the process by reducing the amount of available energy to American households.

This has inherently driven up the price of fuel. It’s all part of an underhanded plan to force-feed the radical left’s Green New Deal lust. Sure, it’s a noble pursuit to help to gradually move the planet to cleaner, more renewable sources of energy.

But to ramrod radical policies down the throats of everyday citizens is wrong. It will destroy the economy and devastate the middle-class fabric of America. As the policies of Joe Biden and his leftist radicals are exposed, the real agenda becomes all-too clear.

Open borders, weak foreign policy, high prices, higher taxes, higher energy prices and more government mandates have a singular objective. Collectively, they work to destroy democracy in the United States. Joe Biden’s energy policy is not just another in a long line of failed ideas.

It is part of a strategic plan to change America forever. This change will bring about an elite ruling class. It will usher socialism into the country. Joe Biden and his policies aren’t trying to help Americans. They are a calculated attempt to destroy the country. Americans must wake up and stop this assault on our democracy before it’s too late.

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

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