Biden Administration's Plan to Charge Those Trapped in Afghanistan BIG BUCKS to Leave Country

The Biden regime may have just changed their minds about doing something, but the fact that they were going to do it tells us everything we need to know already and that is that they do not give a rat's you-know-what about Americans and especially the American troops and civilians that are trapped over in Talibanistan right now.

The United States State Department has ended their plans to charge Americans up to $2,000 for flights out of Afghanistan, but what on earth were they thinking in the first place to do something like this?

Officials even asked those who were not American citizens to pay even more.

After an uproar occurred on social media after Politico first reported it, officials have changed the plan.

As originally posted on the State Department’s website, the plan said that those getting on a flight would have to sign a promissory note. Then, if they did not pay the money, their passports would not be renewed.

Air India promised to let people out on their flights as long as the Kabul airport remained open. Tickets on those flights were limited but cost only $147.

Neither the State Department or Pentagon officials know how many Americans are in Afghanistan.

While Biden caused the uproar with his policy to withdraw troops from the country, the United States military is making no efforts to help Americans get out safely. Meanwhile, French and British soldiers are venturing into Taliban-controlled areas and escorting their citizens to safety.

The Biden administration would not help get out of the country safely got New York Republican Representative Claudia Tenney angry. She threatened to pass a law in Congress demanding that the flights be free.

While people are trying to flee for their lives, Jim Crow Joe keeps trying to head back on vacation in Delaware.

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