Biden Admin Announces ‘Fewest Oil & Gas Leases Sales In History’

The Biden administration's latest move to weaken US energy independence has caused an uproar among critics. On Friday, the Department of Interior announced a plan to generate the "fewest oil and gas lease sales in history" for offshore drilling over the next five years, citing the need to combat climate change.

According to the DOI, this plan will include a maximum of three potential lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico between 2025 and 2029. This is a stark contrast to the previous administration's efforts to increase domestic oil and gas production.

"The Biden administration is caving to radical environmentalists, helping Russia and Venezuela, and destroying our energy security," stated Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) in response to the news.

Some critics believe that this move is not just about protecting the environment, but also about promoting green energy and benefiting those with ties to the administration. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has been accused of laughing off the idea of increasing gas production to lower prices, while Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg suggested that people could simply buy electric vehicles to avoid high gas prices.

Others have pointed out that the Biden administration has relaxed sanctions on Venezuela, allowing Chevron to pump oil there, and has not taken significant action to address China's carbon emissions.

This push towards green energy has also come at a steep cost. The proposed shift to clean energy is estimated to cost taxpayers $1 trillion, with companies connected to Biden advisor John Podesta expected to benefit greatly from federal funding.

Critics have also highlighted the impact this policy will have on the American people. With less domestic production, the country will become more reliant on other nations for its energy needs, putting national security and energy independence at risk.

Many working families who rely on affordable gas prices to commute to work or heat their homes will likely suffer as a result of these changes. This plan also fails to address the fact that many Americans simply cannot afford the high price of electric vehicles.

Despite these concerns, the Biden administration remains committed to its climate agenda. DOI Secretary Deb Haaland stated that this plan "reflects America's rapid and accelerating shift to clean energy." However, critics argue that this shift is being forced upon the American people, while the administration's allies and enemies, such as Russia and China, continue to benefit from domestic oil and gas production.

As the Biden administration continues to promote green energy at all costs, the American people will bear the brunt of its consequences. With rising gas prices and shrinking energy independence, many are left wondering if this is truly the best path for the country's future.

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