Bernie Sanders Gets DESTROYED By Elon Musk After Attacking Rich

Bernie Sanders is the quintessential communist. He and his fellow socialist cronies are proposing policies that will transform the United States into a socialist country. Coupled with Joe Biden’s radical increase in big government control, the next step is communism.

America is standing at the edge of a cliff for our beloved democracy. Thankfully, proud Americans are standing up against these radicals. One such well-known person just called out Sanders on his insane attempts to eradicate the “American Dream”.

Bernie Sanders constantly attacks the wealthy. That’s a part of his Marxist playbook. Now, keep in mind, this is a political liberal with an estimated net worth that makes him a multi-millionaire. Yes, communism is based on a ruling elite class setting the rules for everyone else.

However, these rules do not apply to them. They are special. Elon Musk thinks Bernie Sanders-type radical liberals are special, but not in a positive way. Sanders made a comment in support of Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” socialist legislation.

The self-proclaimed Vermont socialist insisted, “We must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share. Period”. The CEO and founder of Tesla told Sanders exactly what he thought of his Marxist agenda.

Musk tweeted, “I keep forgetting that you’re still alive.” He added, “Want me to sell more stock, Bernie? Just say the word.” The whole situation was started by Musk thumbing his nose at the Biden administration’s aim to level a heavy tax on the rich, especially capital gains.

Musk recently went to Twitter to ask his followers if they thought he should unload 10 percent of his stock in defiance. More than half agreed it was a good idea, so he did it. The obviously intelligent entrepreneur clearly outsmarted Biden’s economic advisers.

The aim was to show how insane the tax policy really is. Much has been made about how unrealized capital gains can be a way to avoid taxes. The creator of SpaceX agreed to abide by the results of his Twitter poll.

Musk insisted that this crazy policy would mean the only way to pay taxes would be to sell things like stock ownership. Musk’s attack on socialism has been unrelenting. Last summer, he posted multiple tweets criticizing Marxism.

Musk first targeted the father of communism, Karl Marx. He tweeted, “Das Kapital in a nutshell,” Then Musk followed that with a picture of Marx captioned in quasi-German, “Gib me dat for free.” Back in May 2020, Musk posted a cryptic tweet attacking liberals, “Take the red pill”.

The previous tweet made reference to a scene in the movie “The Matrix”. It alludes to the idea that radical liberals might take a “red pill” and have their eyes opened to the reality of their senseless ideology. We can only hope for such a transformation.

This time, the outspoken conservative business leader poked fun at one of our nation’s most profound socialists. Musk’s targeting of Bernie Sanders found favor with millions of Americans. America doesn’t want Sanders’ Marxist ideology.

Some people are baffled at how the failed presidential candidate is still relevant. He is, some of his radical policy ideas are as well. No one hopes for Bernie Sanders’ demise. However, it would be nice to watch his insane efforts to turn America communist die, and quickly.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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