BȽM Leader Accused of Sexually Abusing 62 Children Resumes His Duties on School Board

I haven't said this as much recently, but maybe it's just because school isn't in session in most areas.

That doesn't mean that things have gotten any better or that you shouldn't take your children out of Caesar-led public schools, because you absolutely should.

They have sent a clear message that they don't care about you, your children, and they're going to teach them whatever the heck they way. And they're willing to let anyone do it, even if they're being accused of sexual abuse by literally dozens of students.

Last month, Tay Anderson, an anti-gun activist and BŁM leader has some serious allegations brought against him.

He has been accused of harassment, abuse and rape. It is rumored that he sexually-abused 62 high school students. Some of these students were under the age of 15.

In a statement, the school board clarified that Anderson will still vote on key matters, including the selection of a new superintendent, which is set to happen June 3. A Denver Public Schools spokesperson said Anderson’s stepping back means Anderson will not attend school or district meetings with staff or students.

“These unsubstantiated false allegations have caused a great deal of trauma to our entire district, and our students deserve better,” Anderson wrote on Twitter on Sunday. “These false claims have put my family and I in harm’s way, and now as a father and son, I must protect those I love first, therefore I will be stepping back from everyday board functions until the completion of the independent investigation.”

You've got to watch the video below of the DPS worker who was presented with all of this information. I can't embed it, but you can follow the link below.


Tay has denied all of those allegations and has stated that the rumors were started by a racist web hacker. He took time off from the school board, but he has returned to his duties. He is currently under investigation. The investigation is expected be completed by the middle of August.

Now, this pervert has resumed his duties on the school board.

CBS4 reported,

Denver School Board Director Tay Anderson announced Wednesday his plan to resume the full duties of the position, after allegations of sexual assault were leveled against him. Anderson says the investigation into his conduct has “dragged well past the timeline that was agreed to” and “no credible evidence has emerged.”

Anderson said he was told the investigation would be completed in thirty days, but then it was extended an additional 30 days.

“I am now told that the investigation will not be completed for at least another four or five weeks, leading us to mid-August,” Anderson stated in the open letter.

Anderson said the investigation has “drifted into vastly new areas, including a period of time when I was not even an adult, an employee of DPS, or an elected member of the DPS Board.”

“Although I remain committed to engaging in a transparent and fair process, I can no longer wait for this process to conclude to initiate my return to serving the families of the Denver Public Schools,” Anderson stated.

“No credible evidence has emerged to support any allegations of sexual misconduct by me. I have not been arrested, charged, or even contacted by any law enforcement agency regarding any of these false claims against me.”

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