Award Winning Country Singer Releases AMAZING Song that Combats Liberal Agenda

It's no secret that the majority of celebrities and musicians in Hollywood today reside on the dark side, but there are still some who maintain their loyalty. These artists generally keep a low profile rather than openly taking a stand for what they believe in -a choice many will never understand because it goes against everything we know about these people from media outlets like TMZ.

The youth today are attracted to music that contains themes of drugs, loose women and being gangsta. They want the LQBTQ community represented in their favorite songs just as much as, or even more than anyone else. But there are some still making good music.

Country music singer RaeLynn recently wrote a very powerful song that is wonderfully refreshing.

The song is called, "She Chose Me" and the song talks about a woman who messed up and had an affair which led to a pregnancy. But instead of hiding the pregnancy by just having an abortion, she chose to keep the baby despite every problem that it would cause.

Here are some of the lyrics to the song:

She was a bible belt lovin’ believer
With a twelve year ring on her hand
Got a little too close to the fire
And started burnin’ for another man
One thing lead to another
At a motel on Galveston Bay
They didn’t know it at the time
But more than just love was made
That’s one hell of a choice to make

If it went the other way nobody would have blamed her
Think of all the small town talk it would have saved her
She could have chosen one quick fix
To get her out of one big mess
She could have tied a different ribbon to the ending of the story
Coulda kept her secret, gotten out before it
Changed her life, she could’ve changed her mind
And changed everything
But she chose me


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Problems are temporary. When you end someone's life, that has eternal consequences in more ways than one. Problems come and they go. Some are worse than others and a lot of the big problems can be avoided when you do what is right.

I'll admit, as a man, I've never been pregnant, and I've only ever fathered children with my wife, but this song is what grace, forgiveness, and honestly doing the right thing looks like after making a mistake.

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