Australian Leader Claims People Who Do Not Get COVID Vaccine Will Not Be Allowed Healthcare (VIDEO)

Never in my life would I have thought that Australia would become the dictatorship that it has become today.

I'm talking about a relatively free country that has become more tyrannical than any "top-tier" country on the planet.

Canada has been very bad at persecuting people who want to worship God, and Australia is stealing every freedom they can and even creating such a massive divide between opposing sides that they could potentially split the nation.

The leader of the Labor party in Australia, Daniel Andrews, has called for something so extreme that it puts him in the ranks of some of the worst people in the world.

He just told Australians that if they don't get vaccinated they won't receive any healthcare.

"We are moving from a health system where we have everyone locked down – we are going to move to a situation where, to protect the healthcare system, we are going to lock out people who are not vaccinated and can be. If you’re making the choice not to get vaccinated, then you’re making the wrong choice… It’s going to be a vaccinated economy. And you get to participate in that."

Did you catch that? So if you get cancer...too bad, they're not going to help you unless you get vaccinated. Maybe you literally watched someone die from the vaccine and are now hesitant toward them. Too bad, do it any way they say.

And if you don't think that this could happen in America, you'd better think again. Look at how far we've fallen in just the last year and half. Governors have shut down businesses to ruin the livelihoods of Americans, but they leave their businesses open. They tell you not to do something, then they go and do it themselves. And, of course, always was only the Democrats.

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