Arizona Supreme Court Strikes Down Radical Left’s Attempts to Undermine Election Integrity

It is impossible for liberal progressives to run on their past track record. The policies that they suggest are a dismal failures. Either by lying to the public or by manipulating the electoral process, Democrats have no chance of winning elections in the current political climate. The only option left for leftists as voters grow increasingly aware of their B.S. is to try to cheat.

Their efforts seem to have no limits. Most are ridiculous. When told that "requesting identification to vote is racist," many Americans may respond with a look of bewilderment. The liberal position is that requesting identification is racist, but the fact of the matter is that it's not.  Their argument against voter id laws legislation is completely insane.

In fact, labeling the requirement of a photo ID in order to vote as racist is discriminatory in and of itself. There are a multitude of other election regulations that must be adhered to in order to ensure that elections are conducted in a secure manner. On the other hand, Democrats make a concerted effort to oppose each and every one of them. Again, it's ridiculous.

They’ve tried with a vengeance to battle against good-sense election laws in every state. However, one state isn’t buying their antics. The Arizona Supreme Court struck down a November ballot initiative titled: Proposition 210.

The Tennessee Star noted that Proposition 210 is suspiciously just like Federal HR 1, the House bill attempted by congressional Democrats. HR 1 would have triggered a complete federal takeover of all elections. If this sounds rather fishy, that’s because it is.

Democrats are pushing to expand the voter rolls to include non-citizens. They are trying to cheat to manipulate other voter registration lists. If they could snatch control of all state elections, plus flood the pool with illegal votes, they’d essentially sew up power forever.

If this sounds too far-fetched to ever happen, think again. Here are just a few of the convenient changes Arizona Proposition 210 would have triggered. Arizona would now have same-day voter registration. If passed, the ballot initiative would repeal Arizona’s ballot harvesting ban.

In addition, a person could register to vote with minimal identification. Any old pay stub would have worked. A person could find a pay stub on the ground and be granted an authentic voter registration. This is totally insane.

There would have been provisions to change Arizona laws to allow a 30-day residency requirement in order to vote. It would have been virtually impossible to cancel the voter registrations of inactive voters. That would mean a lot of “potential fake ballots” could be cast.

Does this sound familiar? But, and maybe most importantly, the bill would have erased current voter laws. Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill earlier this year mandating proof of citizenship in order to vote in federal elections.

Of course, the corrupt Joe Biden administration tried to sue Arizona. Of course, as soon as the court handed down its logical verdict, liberal progressives started screaming their tired and worn-out claims of voter suppression. These laws do nothing of the kind.

They even said, “Today’s decision is a continuation of these attacks and reflects an increasingly extreme MAGA agenda.” These are just typical left-wing shenanigans. If anyone or anything tries to boost election integrity, call it racist, or, better yet, blame it on President Trump!

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