Are People Seeing Something Evil Chasing Them Moments Before Dying from COVID Vaccine?

A lethal, man-made virus was allowed to escape from a virology lab in Wuhan, China, at some point in the latter part of 2019. The worst health crisis in more than a century struck the world within a few weeks. Around the world, a deadly new coronavirus caused devastation that killed millions.

Some believe the lab leak wasn't an accident and that it  was a planned strategy to lessen the excess population on the planet. That was undoubtedly accomplished. However, shortly after the first COVID-related death, a purported "cure-all medicine" was made available to the world.

A "miracle of science," the swiftly approved COVID-19 vaccination was lauded. But, was it really? Nearly two years after the initial shots were given, medical experts are now raising the alarm. A vaccine that was supposed to prevent illness failed and failed miserably.

In fact, statistics are starting to show that those who have had vaccinations are more likely to contract the virus. Since the beginning of the immunization programs, an astonishing number of unusual adverse effects have also happened.

People were promised that it was safe and effective. Americans were told it was their “patriotic duty.” Those who felt it was not in their best interest were shunned and ridiculed. Unconstitutional mandates were put in place to force millions to get vaccinated against their will. Thousands lost their jobs.

Now, these so-called medical experts are forcing parents to unnecessarily vaccinate their young children. Some are fighting against these mandates. For months, everyone was told to “follow the science.” The science says that kids aren’t susceptible to the virus. They don’t need “the jab!”

Nevertheless, medical bureaucrats are trying to force every child and young adult to take this untested medicine. People are being coerced into doing something that may make them worse. In England, more vaccinated people are now dying from COVID-19 than unvaccinated. What gives?

The vaccine that was supposed to end the pandemic hasn’t come close. However, that same vaccine may be killing people for different reasons. Even more startling, many of these deaths may be horrifically traumatic. People are dropping dead from the vaccine.

There has also been an alarming increase in dozens of health issues since the vaccines were approved. A renowned, board-certified OB/GYN doctor says what he’s witnessed is “unprecedented.” Dr. James Thorp says that since the vaccine was introduced, he’s seen “a spike in miscarriages.”

Dr. Thorp also says he has witnessed a bizarre increase in fetal abnormalities. Otherwise healthy adults are experiencing an ever-growing number of strange side effects since the vaccines were started. Healthy athletes are dropping dead from heart problems.

Some of those dying suddenly from COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths are apparently experiencing an odd sense of fear. They’re whirling around with a bizarre expression of fear on their faces before they die. It’s as if something evil is chasing them right before they drop dead.

Jump to the 48:00 mark in the video below and be prepared to be puzzled.


It will be extremely difficult to find out what’s happening because dead people don’t speak. However, there is one thing for sure. A vaccine that was supposed to fight off a virus doesn’t. There’s more. That same vaccine may not be safe.

People are still getting sick, and more and more are suddenly dying. When will someone tell us the truth? Or maybe that’s the point. The vaccines are just another phase in a perfectly orchestrated plan to depopulate the earth. Sounds too sinister to be true? Think again.

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