Are House Republicans Going to Impeach the Wrong Person for the Southern Border Crisis?

The situation at the southern border of the United States has been chaotic for the past two years. The issue of illegal immigration has been a long-standing problem, but it was improving under President Trump's leadership.

However, since Joe Biden took office, border security has been significantly weakened and the problem of illegal migrant crossings has escalated into a crisis. It's important for a sovereign nation to enforce its immigration rules and not allow unrestricted access to its territory, as some of these individuals may be dangerous criminals or pose a threat to Americans.

While some of these illegal immigrants may be good people, most can't legitimately claim the right to be in the country.

So, as the U.S. Southern border crisis worsens, those who caused it can no longer hide the reality of what they’ve done. Americans know that the border is not secure. Waves of illegal migrants, including pounds of deadly Fentanyl, are pouring into the country.

The left finds itself in a very precarious spot. They can’t allow those who are truly at fault to be held accountable. The person responsible for the human catastrophe that’s stemmed from Joe Biden’s border policy could easily be prosecuted for crimes against the U.S.

So the left needs a scapegoat. To avoid the public scrutiny behind admitting who’s actually responsible for the total fiasco at the southern border, Democrats need a sacrificial lamb. It appears that House Republicans are ready to accept this “seasonal gift” with open arms.

Alejandro Mayorkas is the man Joe Biden appointed to head the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). As the Secretary of the DHS, Mayorkas is the person responsible for orchestrating U.S. border policy, among other important duties.

Logic would appear to indicate that because Mayorkas is the “head honcho” at the DHS, he’s the one who should be held accountable for the horrible border crisis. But should he? Is he the right person to be impeached and subsequently charged with crimes against the United States?

We say no. Sure, Alejandro Mayorkas has done an abysmal job. He should be fired. Nonetheless, looking at him and listening to him make feeble defenses for his decisions clearly show a weak person. Alejandro Mayorkas does not exude confidence. He is a puppet.

That’s exactly why Joe Biden appointed him to the position that oversees U.S. border policy. The Biden administration knew from the very beginning what they were going to do. The radical left had a predetermined plan to undermine U.S. border policy and the officers who enforce it.

The Biden White House, or whoever is truly running the show, also knew that there was a good chance that Americans would eventually figure out what was going on. They have. When that happened, Biden needed some way to avoid being blamed personally. He required a scapegoat.

Two years into his administration, continuing to blame everything on former President Trump is no longer working. Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden's sacrificial lamb, will be brought “to the altar.” House Republicans have promised to order Mayorkas to answer for the border crisis.

They will. In front of staunch conservatives, Americans can expect the DHS secretary to be grilled. He will not have viable answers. There’s a good chance Mayorkas will crumble under pressure. The probability that he will be impeached is high.

But is he the right person to stand responsible for the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. southern border? Is Alejandro Mayorkas the man who should face charges for violating U.S. immigration laws? Again, we say no.

Alejandro Mayorkas is like someone who got caught in the chicken coup after another person ran off with all the eggs. He’s just a prime example of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Mayorkas is going to go down.

But will Republicans be satisfied with accepting Joe Biden’s “sacrificial lamb”? Joe Biden, or whoever is truly pulling the policy strings in the White House, is responsible. Joe Biden axed President Trump’s successful border policies. Furthermore, Joe Biden opened the floodgates.

Likewise, Joe Biden is the person who should be impeached. Americans should hope that Republicans don’t fall for this scam. After kicking Alejandro Mayorkas to the curb, they should focus their efforts on the person truly responsible for the border crisis, sleepy Joe himself.

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