Appeals Court Set Lawsuits Out On Trump For His Profits From His Hotels

President Donald Trump is in a federal court lawsuit violating the Constitution by accepting foreign government money through his luxury Washington hotel. This lawsuit can proceed to fact check regarding Trump's profits made.

The Richmond-based 4th Circuit Court of Appeals voted, 9-6, rejecting Trump's bid to shut down the lawsuit against him. Maryland and the District of Columbia have brought the lawsuit into effect alleging violations of the Constitution's emoluments clauses.

According to Politico:

Trump, who has vigorously fought a series of similar lawsuits for years, will now need relief from the Supreme Court if he wants to block Maryland and D.C. from pressing demands for his business records as his reelection campaign gets into full swing.

An attorney for President Trump, Jay Sekulow, told POLITICO Thursday that Trump will take the issue to the high court.

"We disagree with the decision of the Fourth Circuit," Sekulow said in a text message. "This case is another example of presidential harassment. We will be seeking review at the Supreme Court."

Sekulow said a motion to put the case on hold to allow for the Supreme Court appeal will be filed shortly.

Brianna Herlihy, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department, which also represented Trump in the case, said in a statement: “We are disappointed in the Fourth Circuit’s ruling. As the six dissenting judges noted, this unprecedented suit seeking to enforce the Emoluments Clauses against the President of the United States should have been dismissed, and the court of appeals erred by not even considering the merits of the President’s defenses. The Department of Justice intends to seek further review in the Supreme Court.”

The 4th Circuit's full bench essentially split along ideological lines with the Democratic appointees turning down Trump's attempt to halt discovery ordered by a federal district court judge in Maryland, and the Republican-appointed ones siding with Trump.

Chief Judge Roger Gregory, who was recess appointed by President Bill Clinton and got a permanent appointment under President George W. Bush, joined those ruling against Trump.

"The discovery here — business records as to hotel stays and restaurant expenses, sought from private third parties and low-level government employees — implicates no Executive power. The President has not explained, nor do we see, how requests pertaining to spending at a private restaurant and hotel threaten any Executive Branch prerogative," Judge Diana Motz stated.

However, The Trump Organization stated in October it is seeking a buyer for the Trump International Hotel. Trump's son Eric stated at the time, the decision to try to sell the hotel was spurred by public complaints on the hotel's profits.

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