AOC Steps In And Gets 12 Hard Workers Fired Wait Until You See Why

We know Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is full of dumb ideas. Just take a look at her 'Green New Deal'. She couldn't sell that steaming pile of hot garbage to the mega libs at Greenpeace.

Her recent idea led to 12 solar workers to getting fired.

The owners of Bright Power, a solar company,  fired all of their workforces after AOC stuck her nose in and around and urged the workers to form a union. They decided to go to subcontractors in lieu of full-time work.

According to Money and Markets,

Back in April, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ludicrous Green New Deal inspired a group of New York City construction workers to unionize, becoming one of the first unions in the solar power industry. It didn’t last long, though.

On Monday, the union’s employer, Bright Power, decided to fire the whole staff and replace them with subcontractors. All this happened while the union was trying to negotiate for their first contract, too.

“We have come to the conclusion that our resources have been spread too thin with so many different kinds of work all being done in-house,” Jeffrey Perlman, Bright Power CEO, said in a company email, according to Vice. “It makes business sense to return to a fully subcontracted solar installation model.

Ouch. It was not revealed if the unionizing was the cause, but the timing couldn’t have been worse. The fired workers had been employed by Bright Power for the last four years, and they think the unionizing was the reason behind the sudden cuts.

“This is obviously retaliation for union organizing,” said Chris Schroth, one of the 12 fired by Bright Power. “The total hypocrisy of their progressive mission as a green energy company is disgusting. They did everything that a big bad union busting company does. This is exactly what a coal company or any other evil company does.”

AOC was extremely upset and tweeted condemning the any for their actions:

Many have told me they think the pro-justice & worker provisions in the Green New Deal are “unnecessary.”

Yet this example is why a just transition is vital. Without it, oil barons turn into energy barons, & workers are hurt all the same.

Bright Power must be held accountable.


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