AOC Says White Supremacists Commit the Vast Majority “Domestic Terrorism” by Far (VIDEO)

Within the first five minutes of listening to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) talk, logical people begin to scratch their heads. The first thing that comes to mind is how someone so out of touch with reality could get themselves elected to a government office.

Maybe someone could pull the wool over voters’ eyes in a small town election. But for someone as crazy as AOC to earn the privilege of being a United States Representative is mind-boggling. She’s a constant source of harebrained ideas and wild-eyed socialist belief. AOC is a kook.

She may be the biggest kook to ever sit in the House chambers. After the dreadful death of 19 elementary school students and two teachers, AOC was back at it. The crazed murderer, Salvador Ramos, is of Hispanic heritage. He is not white.

But that didn’t stop AOC from using the deaths of innocent children to try to make a bogus political statement. The representative from New York’s liberal 14th congressional district said, “White supremacists commit the vast majority of domestic terrorism.”

If you’re puzzled by this incorrect claim, you’re not alone. Conveniently, AOC skipped the 225 black-on-black killings in Chicago alone. She kept right on slinging B.S. AOC insisted that FBI statistics prove white people are “by far” the race most likely to commit domestic terrorist acts.

That’s just not true. The FBI’s statistics say that blacks commit 55 percent of all murders. That single statistic doesn’t account for any other race, be it Asian, Hispanic or otherwise. The fact is that the numbers tell a completely opposite story.

The nut job posted on her Twitter account, “White supremacists commit the vast majority of domestic terrorism. By far! By far! It’s not even close. Look at the numbers!” This lady is a whacked in the head. Why can’t voters see this woman for who she really is?

There isn’t much anyone can do when someone becomes this liberally indoctrinated. But we don’t have to elect them to run our nation. That is, unless you’re purposefully electing people to run our country into the ground. That’s exactly what the AOCs are doing.

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