Antrim County, Michigan Makes ASTONISHING Move to Secure Upcoming Election

It's become quite clear that the federal government is not going to do anything about making sure that our election process going forward is secure, nor will they be making sure that the last one was fair.

That much has become apparent, especially in light of the Supreme Court not even being willing to consider the cases from President Trump, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Texas, or Pennsylvania.

So if they're not going to do anything about it, then the local government bodies are going to have to do something themselves.

Many still say that there was no evidence of widespread fraud, but honestly, they just haven't bothered to look at the evidence because it is overwhelming.

One place that was found to have met the definition of widespread fraud was in northern Michigan. So much so, for an upcoming May election, one county will no longer use the suspect Dominion Voting machines.

The reasoning follows the evidence supplied by Allied Security Operations Group. A total of 16 Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan were discovered to have upwards of a 68 percent error rate.

These error ballots were sent electronically to another location where they could be changed. It was shown that the program was systemically modified to create errors. If that doesn't meet the definition of fraud, widespread notwithstanding, we're not sure what would.

There's even another darker twist to this Michigan story. Files meant to help authenticate election results were wiped clean. The results were mysteriously destroyed within hours of the election, results that are by state law to be kept for two years.

A number of claims about voter fraud have been leveled. Some insist that those claims filed in court by former President Donald Trump failed. That is as untrue as any assertion that voter fraud was not a problem in the 2020 election.

Many of the courts failed to hear the cases, the cases themselves did not fail. However, it appears one case in defense of voter fraud is being addressed. A lawsuit currently pending from county commissioners in Atrium demand that ballots be hand-counted in an upcoming May election.

Election officials appreciate that hand-counting will cost the county money. However, new Dominion voting machines will cost at least $55,000. In a place that is still screaming for voter accountability, it could produce a devastating spiral that will further compromise a distrust for the election process.

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