Antifa Thugs Get Instant Karma After Shooting at Elderly Driver in Portland

Violence is something that liberal politicians want to see on the streets of their cities. There is no other plausible explanation. Cities governed by Democrats are being ravaged by violence. A wave of criminal activity has been encouraged by district attorneys who are soft on crime and lax sentencing.

One of the highest crime rates in the country is found in Portland, Oregon. Ted Wheeler, the mayor of one of the most picturesque cities in the Pacific Northwest, is a joke. Wheeler allows thugs and criminals to harass his city and her residents.  Wheeler even declined aid as the 2020 riots reached their height.

President Trump made an effort to assist Portland residents who were struggling with crime. While he was still in the White House, President Trump said, “Portland is a mess, and it has been for many years. If this joke of a mayor doesn’t clean it up, we will go in and do it for them!”

But the joke is on the Portland residents. The crime hasn’t improved. In fact, crime in Portland is as bad as ever. There’s no “George Floyd excuse” to blame for the chaos in Portland’s streets. Downtown Portland is being plagued with a scourge of “street takeovers.”

On Sunday night, near the Portland Expo Center, hundreds gathered to take control of the street. An elderly man got caught up in the chaotic scene. As he attempted to turn around and get out, the man was violently attacked by an armed mob.

Video of the tragic event was posted on social media. This poor elderly person tried desperately to turn around and get away. Clearly in a panic, he backed into another car. Someone in the crowd fired multiple shots at the van. This innocent person was left bloody and traumatized.

Besides shooting the elderly man, at least two people in the mob were struck by stray bullets. A 20-year-old man died. A GoFundMe campaign was started to pay for a funeral. One ANTIFA Twitter account posted, “My boys’ lifelong friend was killed last night at the street takeover.”

These thugs held a candlelight vigil for their dead friend. Any such death is a tragedy, but what about the innocent old man caught up in their purposeful violence? Is anyone staging a vigil for the trauma he certainly experienced? Where’s the funding campaign for his medical injuries?

Any ANTIFA candlelight services for the destruction and chaos they create in America’s cities? No, there never is. But the problem is the radical liberal leadership that’s allowing this to happen. Liberal-left mayors and city bureaucrats are letting their cities crumble.

From the outside looking in, it appears that it’s all being allowed to happen on purpose. There can be no other answer. There is a solution. It’s called “law and order.” Conservative leadership is the solution. The progressive liberal ideology is failing America. Worst of all, it’s destroying it.

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