Antifa Terrorist with Bomb Arrested and Gets Bond...January 6 Prisoners Remain Imprisoned - Where Is the Media Coverage?

The Capitol Hill riots on January 6, 2020, were a terrible thing. However, the liberal narrative that this was some kind of dangerous insurrection is a lie. Patriotic Americans, ardent supporters of President Trump, showed up at the Capitol to protest a rigged election.

In his speech, President Trump urged the protesters to fight for their cherished vote. However, soon after the president finished, a violent wave of chaos occurred. Mysteriously, enraged protesters easily penetrated conveniently open areas in certain barricades.

They were set up. While ending in an unfortunate calamity, the chaos on January 6, 2020, was created to destroy President Donald Trump. Despite attempts by the liberal left to bury evidence, details have emerged of an internal conspiracy.

Federal law enforcement not only knew there was a potential breach of the Capitol impending, they helped to open the doors. Protesters have been recorded in live video footage, insisting that people trying to ignite the protests were federal agents.

These individuals helped guide protesters to places where the barricades were suspiciously wide open. Some insist other Capitol personnel encouraged them to waltz into the building. An otherwise peaceful democratic protest turned into chaos.

There is evidence proving that “counter-protest” groups such as BLM and ANTIFA were present as well. These anti-Trump violently radical groups were there to incite violence. Recently, these same counter-protest groups have infiltrated rallies to support January 6 protesters.

Jeremy Brown is a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces. He is being held at the Pinellas County Justice Center in Clearwater, Florida. Brown was arrested in September for “knowingly entering and remaining in a restricted building”.

Like the majority of the January 6, “Stop the Steal” protests, Brown was lured into the Capitol. He was being held without bail. Approximately 85 people showed up to protest the unjust treatment Brown has been subjected. As a result, he now has been given a bond at $300,250

Police noticed a suspicious-looking man in the group. He was wearing all black, an identity concealing tactic used by left-wing radical groups like ANTIFA. The suspect was witnessed fleeing the protests with a black backpack.

Law enforcement reacted. They chased down the man about a block from the January 6 protest. The man was identified as Garrett James Smith. Police found a “pipe-type explosive” in the 22-year-old man’s backpack.

Smith was arrested on the charges of loitering and prowling. Also inside the backpack was a black helmet with stickers similar to those seen on such helmets at violent ANTIFA riots across the nation.

Smith’s family confirmed that he had traveled to Portland, Oregon during the period when the violent riots were happening. Smith also had checklists for items considered riot essentials by these radical groups.

The list suggested rioters were all black, use shaded goggles, knee pads and other protective equipment. It was also recommended they have a gas mask. These radicals are clearly ready to ignite violence. The pipe-bomb further proves this true.

Law enforcement secured a warrant to search Smith’s residence. He lives with his parents in Oldsmar, Florida. They found more explosive devices, along with tape and nails used to make homemade grenades. Further charges were filed against Smith.

In addition to the previous charges at the rally, he was charged with three counts of making and possessing a destructive device. Smith is being held on $300,250 bond. He has refused to talk to investigators. Investigators have not found any criminal history either.

Smith doesn’t have any record of an active social media account. He is what riot investigators refer to as “a sleeper”. These types of subversives are difficult to trace. They often are hidden within society until they launch a violent attack.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri insisted that his agency was fortunate to have apprehended Smith before he could place his bombs. “We're fortunate in this situation that something caused Smith to flee before he ignited the explosive device and the deputies were able to apprehend him," Gualtieri said during an interview.

It clearly appears this radical leftist hoped to launch a violent attack that would be blamed on those present at the January 6 rally. Thankfully, through the dedicated efforts of Pinellas County law enforcement, this attempt was thwarted.

However, the attempts to incite a riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2020, were not prevented. Otherwise, patriotic Americans, were caught up in a purposeful attempt to generate chaos. People just like Garrett Smith were there.

This was their job. January 6, 2020, was a terrible day in our nation. But it was not an insurrection. In fact, the chaos and violence which ensued was purposefully triggered. The committee investigating the Capitol riots is a partisan, liberal sham.

Their corrupt agenda is to do nothing more than paint an untruthful picture of President Donald Trump. They are not looking for the truth. They do not care. Hopefully, like with the timely arrest of Garrett Smith in Pinellas Park, Florida, the truth will be revealed.

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