Antifa Protester 'under investigation' for Shooting Trump Supporter , Turned in by his Own Sister

The man under investigation for shooting a Trump supporter dead in the streets of Portland on Saturday night is a 48-year-old father-of-two whose own family turned him in to police after spotting him in videos from the night of violence.

His sister said she received a phone call threatening that their family would be in danger unless they turned Michael Forest Reinoehl, her brother, into police. She then looked online and saw photographs of her brother circulating.

She claimed her brother is troubled and that they have not been in touch for three years. In the past, she said he'd stolen their mother's seizure medication and is in debt. He has a son and daughter from a previous relationship but is no longer involved with the mother.

According to WayneDupree

he man who is the main suspect in the fatal shooting of a supporter of President Donald Trump in Portland, Oregon over the weekend recently took to social media to say that he is “100% ANTIFA” and “willing to fight” in the “war.”

Prior to this homicide, the suspect was also cited for carrying a loaded gun downtown and interfering with police last month — he was never prosecuted.

Sources with the Portland Police Bureau confirmed to the Oregonian that 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl is now the prime suspect in the deadly shooting of Aaron Danielson, a supporter of the conservative “Patriot Prayer” group who was part of the caravan of Trump supporters that descended on Portland over the weekend in protest of the violent riots that have taken over the city in recent months.

Reinoehl’s Instagram page makes it clear that he has often participated in the Portland protests ever since the death of George Floyd back in May. He would often post disturbing messages there in support of Black Lives Matter, including one June message in which he described himself as a member of Antifa fighting in a “war” where “there will be casualties.”

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