Anti-Vaxxers Come Out With New Insane Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Laugh

With a new virus comes a new vaccine.

Well... Anti-vaxxers have officially stepped in. They, of course, are against a future vaccine, and not only that, they are spreading insane conspiracy theories saying Bill Gates is attempting to inject microchips into Americans.

Woah, crazzzzy!

According to The Daily Mail:

Health professionals say vaccine misinformation could have lethal consequences if it leads people to opt for bogus cures instead.

'Only a coronavirus vaccine can truly protect us from future outbreaks,' said Dr. Scott Ratzan, a physician and medical misinformation expert at the City University of New York and Columbia University. 'But what if the effort succeeds and large numbers of people decide not to vaccinate themselves or their children?'

While vaccines for diseases such as polio, smallpox and measles have benefited millions, some skeptics reject the science, citing a distrust of modern medicine and government. Others say mandatory vaccine requirements violate their religious freedom.

Rita Palma, the leader of the anti-vaccine group in Long Island called My Kids, My Choice, is among those who say their families won't get the coronavirus vaccine.

'Many of us are anxiety stricken at the thought of being forced to get a vaccine,' Palma said. 'I will never choose to have a COVID-19 vaccine. I donĀ“t want the government forcing it on my community or my family.'

From the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, vaccine skeptics have tailored several long-standing claims about vaccine safety to fit the current outbreak. When the first U.S. case was announced in January, some alleged the coronavirus was manufactured and that patents for it could be found online.

Thousands of deaths later, vaccine opponents are endorsing unapproved treatments, second-guessing medical experts and pushing fears about mandatory vaccinations. They've also latched onto protests against stay-at-home orders in the U.S.

I do suggest waiting a few months to a year to have a new vaccine but I am not your Doctor so please listen to them. However, I vaccinate myself, children, and animals. Also personally Bill Gates isn't microchipping Americans like some sort of assembly line to take over the world.

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