Answers Demanded After Nearly 100 Former High School Students and Staff Develop Same Type Brain Tumors

We seem to be living in an age of government cover-ups and bureaucratic scandals. These disturbing situations have happened throughout history. But they seem to be increasing in recent years. Many take years before they’re discovered, while others become known sooner.

The COVID pandemic, which killed millions of Americans, was an indisputable example of government misinformation that was quickly exposed. However, there are other situations involving neglect or misconduct that most people never hear about or know about for decades.

One such suspicious attempt to hide bureaucratic misconduct has been exposed at a New Jersey high school. Al Lupiano and his wife Michelle were diagnosed with an extremely rare brain tumor.

Angela DeCillis, Al's younger sister, was given the same baffling diagnosis as the Lupianos on the same day. The first bizarre part of this story is that all three graduated from the same high school. Was this just a coincidence?

Lupiano didn’t think so. He decided to find out for certain. What he discovered startled the whole community. Al Lupiano, his sister and his wife, were among 94 former staff and students from the same New Jersey high school who had received the same crushing news.

Each of the people diagnosed had direct ties to Colonia High School. The news shocked the community. Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac released a statement saying, “There could be a real problem here, and our residents deserve to know if there are any dangers.”

Al Lupiano was diagnosed with his brain tumor back in 1990. He was able to recover. Lupiano never made any connection at the time. However, when both his wife and sister were diagnosed with the same type of tumor, he became curious.

When his sister died last February, he became convinced there was a suspicious connection. It took Lupiano around a month and a half to discover the other 94 similar cases. CBS News took the story nationally a few weeks later.

Soon after, a TikTok video talking about the medical mystery went viral. The video triggered over two million views in a single day. The Star Ledger intensified its reporting as well. Reporters discovered an alarming trend.

Most of the people who developed brain tumors graduated from the Woodbridge Township District School between 1975 and 2000. There were also a few strange exceptions, some graduating as recently as 2014.

But as experts started to dig for a cause, this story took a sinister twist. Dr. Sumul Raval is one of New Jersey’s top neuro-oncologists. Raval insists that “Normally speaking, you don’t get radiation in a high school.”

He clarified by saying, “unless something is going on in that area that we don’t know.” A board-certified California medical doctor talked about the specific types of brain tumors that were being diagnosed.

Dr. Joe Whittington says that the brain tumors found in ex-Colonia High staff and students are glioblastoma multiforme. Whittington insists this is an aggressive cancer, one which spreads to brain tissue. He also expressed how this is a very rare form of cancer.

Data from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons shows this form of glioblastoma happens in about 3 people out of 100,000. That’s exceedingly rare. Uncovering nearly 100 cases in a single area, all from the same high school, signaled something was wrong.

Speculation immediately turned to a number of potential causes. TikTok exploded with conspiracy theories involving cellphone towers, mold, and even asbestos. One speculative cause of the brain clusters said it could be because of toxic waste.

It appears the latter explanation may turn out to be true. Radiation is the most likely cause of such a medical phenomenon. But where did the radiation come from at a New Jersey high school? It turns out, not far away, maybe in the soil that Colonia High School was built upon.

Back in 1967, Woodbridge Township used acres of empty land to build the high school. The mayor sought input from the state Department of Health, the Department of Environmental Protection and the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

What they found was an obviously disturbing link to the past, revealing a potentially suspicious government cover-up. The school was built less than 12 miles from a facility called the Middlesex Sampling Plant. The plant was used as part of the Manhattan Project.

Uranium ore, used during the development of the atomic bomb, was crushed, dried, stored, and then packaged for shipment. The site closed in 1967. Again, this is the same year the school was built. Supposedly, any contaminated soil was supposed to be properly removed.

However, this disturbing prevalence of rare brain tumors, an ailment directly associated with radiation, points to this being a lie. It seems a logical scientific conclusion to presume the radioactively contaminated soil was never hauled away like it was supposed to have been.

Colonia High School may well have built on top of a radioactive soil dump. Someone had to know. It would have saved a lot of money and bureaucratic headaches just to hide the soil under the school. If this turns out to be true, someone is going to end up with “dirt on their hands”.

The problem is, this “dirt” may have been “contaminated by radiation.” Like many of these mysteries, which involve bureaucratic neglect, pinpointing responsibility may be impossible. One Colonia High School graduate isn’t going to stop searching until he’s exhausted every resource.

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