Another Senator Comes Out of the Closet and Reveals He's a RINO by Endorsing RINO Lisa Murkowski

Another Republican in Congress has proven himself to be just another RINO.

It's honestly sad to hear this because this was a senator that I actually liked. But as it turns out South Carolina Senator Tim Scott showed his true colors by announcing that he is backing RINO Lisa Murkowski.

As I'm sure you're well aware Murkowski was one of the Republicans who voted against President Trump. Regardless, Senator Tim Scott has decided to endorse Murkowski and her run for re-election.

Conservative Treehouse has reported that this is actually a good thing stating:

This is excellent news because South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has long been a DeceptiCon hiding out and tricking most of the Tea Party republican base of voters for several years. Some completely fooled people have even promoted Tim Scott’s name for the presidency.

As an attendee to the 2016 Sea Island Summit, Tim Scott pledged his allegiance to his one true god, money. That is the only allegiance of the American Enterprise Institute. After his initiation he joined the ranks of the manipulative DeceptiCons in the senate led by Mitch McConnell. This endorsement is simply further evidence.

And I suppose that I can agree with what they're saying. If they truly are a RINO and it's good that we know about it now, so we know what to expect from them. Also, we can work towards getting them out of Congress and getting someone elected who is not a RINO and who will actually stand for Republican values.

I don't think that it's out of the realm of possibility to expect Senator Tim Scott to actually make a run for president in 2024. I think that they are going to be a lot of candidates running in 2024 and I'm certain that either President Trump or Ron DeSantis is going to be one of them. I would also venture to Guess that Mike Pence is going to be one of them as well. In the thing about having Mike Pence run for president is that he's going to lower some Democrats as well who are totally disgusted with Joe Biden.

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