Another Hollywood Actor Proves He Knows Nothing About Economics

I'm sick of liberals griping and complaining about capitalism.

As far as I can tell, capitalism is the world's best economic system. If you have any brain cells, you can see why, but liberals, unfortunately, lack this vital ability. I challenge them to travel to a country where socialism or communism is in full swing and report back to us on their findings. I'm not talking about going up there and sitting in the comfort of the political elites; I'm talking about going as a working-class person and seeing what it's like.

I'm confident that if they even just did that here in the United States, things would be much better, and they would get an actual understanding. But, as things stand, they have no idea what it's like to be one of us.

Honestly, this shouldn't even be necessary because we have over 100 years of this crap to look at and see that it doesn't work and leads to death.

Hollywood actors and other celebrities are notoriously liberal and as such, many of them hate capitalism, too. One of these is Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul star Dean Norris who played Hank Schrader

He tweeted, “Youre [sic] not getting ‘robbed’ at the pump. You’re paying fair market price for a commodity. If you love Capitalism so much then stfu.”

The key to understanding the flaw in his logic can be found in what David Harsanyi pointed out in response, "It's not a fair-market price if government purposely creates scarcity to drive up the price."

Other folks understand this too. Here are some of the other comments that people made:

Easy for someone as loaded as you to say. Prices were fine a few months ago. Restriction of capitalism is what put us here.

Dude just act and leave real life problems to the people who understand that stuff.

How is closing pipelines the free market? How is buying from a dictatorship when you were energy independent previously, the free market? Stick to acting.

I love breaking bad [sic], but a millionaire actor from Hollywood worth 5 million can’t be telling hard working Americans who live paycheck by paycheck to just suck it up when you specifically benefit from capitalism. Please just stick to acting my guy.

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