Anonymous Joins the War Effort in Ukrainian War

Things are really starting to get spicy in this Russian/Ukraine conflict.

There has already been more lives lost than is necessary and from what I have seen so far in certain videos it looks as though there are many casualties of this war rather than people from Ukraine's military that are being killed.

Just to give you an example of what I'm talking about I saw a video this morning in the witch a Russian tank ran over the car of someone else while they were still in it. When I first saw the headline I questioned that well maybe the car was parked and they really didn't know that there was somebody inside, but that was not the case after watching the video.

You can clearly see that the individual was driving the car down the road and the Russian tank suddenly turned to its left and drove straight over the other vehicle. This is a civilian and this is absolutely uncalled for.

The world is watching and there are many that are not happy about what's going on whatsoever.

Enter Anonymous.

The international hacking collective which we know as anonymous have declared their own war against Russia. In doing so they have targeted the websites for which is actually a Russian government-funded media outlet.

They also apparently took down the Russian Ministry of Defense website.

Anonymous is a huge network of hackers, they can knock out websites, satellites, really anything that is computer controlled can be hacked, especially by Anonymous. The Ministry of defense in Russia is a communication device to make sure they keep the Russian people informed.

So I'm not really sure where this may end up in regards to Russia versus Anonymous, but it should at least make for some interesting news in the following weeks.

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