America's Frontline Doctor Receives Harshly Excessive Sentence for Speaking with a Megaphone!

Americans must recognize that what occurred on January 6 was not in the best interests of the country. The reality about how a legitimate protest devolved into violence, on the other hand, is being misrepresented. As the bogus hearings on January 6 continue, Americans are only getting a skewed and one-sided perspective.

Nancy Pelosi's January 6 commission, which she hand-picked, has a single purpose. The collective group of liberal Democrats and two turncoat Republicans are after former President Donald Trump. The carefully staged, made-for-TV ruse is intended to achieve this one goal.

These Trump haters do not want the truth to be revealed. The truth is that extremists infiltrated the protests in large numbers. In addition, there is evidence that these non-Trump supporters were the ones who incited the violence. Furthermore, additional security was turned down.

Likewise, there were other conservatives protesting on January 6 about other things. They did nothing wrong either, except possibly trespass. Sure, this might be an offense that would warrant legal consequences, probably probation.

However, the legal charges being brought against people who did nothing wrong are far too severe. The majority of the protesters who entered the Capitol were slammed for “entering and remaining in a restricted building.”

This is a class A misdemeanor. Dr. Simone Gold is one of the people who are being harshly penalized for such a meaningless violation. Most of these individuals have no criminal background. In the worst of circumstances, such a charge would receive minimal probation.

That is not the sentence a corrupt liberal Washington, D.C. judicial system is handing down. Dr. Gold led a group of medical doctors to the U.S. Capitol. Her group was protesting the government’s horribly inept handling of the pandemic.

Dr. Gold led a series of protests for the group “The Frontline Doctors”. The group traveled to Capitol Hill in July 2020. She was also present on January 6. On January 5, Dr. Gold spoke about failed COVID policies during a rally at the Freedom Plaza.

The following day, she was part of a protest group that was inside the Capitol. However, Dr. Gold did nothing violent. She didn’t damage property or hurt anyone. Her group was exercising their right to free speech. She was videoed inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

In mid-January, Dr. Simone Gold was arrested. Dr. Gold did not promote, nor was she involved with any violent acts or damage to the Capitol. All Dr. Simone Gold did was stand with a megaphone and speak out against the preposterous U.S. COVID policies.

Dr. Gold pled guilty to the previously mentioned class A misdemeanor. All this, just because she stood using a megaphone and shared her professional experience about pandemic policies and decisions, decisions which devastated the nation.

Just the notion that she was charged with anything brings up dozens of legal questions. However, the two-month prison sentence U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper leveled against her is excessively harsh, regardless of whether she’s guilty of anything or not.

Harsh, in many respects, because of the way violent ANTIFA members were treated during the deadly 2020 summer of rioting. Many of these violent and destructive acts went unpunished. Liberal Democrats even raised bail money to bond these criminals out of jail.

Liberal prosecutors dropped charges on virtually all of them. But a medical doctor, standing in a hallway at the U.S. Capitol while exercising her First Amendment rights, is sentenced to jail. The political double standard in our U.S. judicial system is disgusting.

The corrupt mainstream media continues to push vindictive lies against anyone who opposes the radical left’s Marxist agenda. It doesn’t matter what conservative-minded Americans do or say; the left is attacking them. It is wrong. However, it is also gravely dangerous to democracy.

Ask anyone who escaped countries like Cuba or Venezuela. They’ll tell you exactly what’s going on in America, and they are warning us to fight back before it’s too late. If this can happen to a renowned medical doctor, it can happen to any American.

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