AMERICA LAST: Yet Another Biden-Induced Crisis on Our Hands

People all around the country are having trouble finding baby formula because of the Biden regime.

We've had a few food shortages in the last few years, but this one is particularly bad. We can always find something else to eat if there are food shortages. However, having a child who is solely dependent on formula is a huge issue.

Breast milk is obviously the best option, but I am aware that some women are unable to do so or have experienced problems with it. I understand that it is not a simple task. Companies produce infant formula for those people.

But baby formula is getting harder to find for some people. However, I think I know where a lot of it has been going. Straight to the Souther border for illegal immigrants. The Biden regime has been shipping pallets of baby formula to the U.S. border facilities.

That's right. Screw us Americans. Democrats and the Biden regime want to make sure that the criminals are taken care of before us.

President Trump put Americans first. His policies reflected that. He wanted us to stop sending money to people who hated us, stop people from coming to our country and using up all of our resources because we have enough here that we need to take care of already without more mouths to feed. He wanted to make us energy independent. Now, all of that is gone thanks to Joe Biden. I never would have thought that one man could wreck a country so fast, but I guess I underestimated the guy.

Biden doesn't has anything to say about it and it seems that many liberals think that it's funny. Mostly the rich ones who have plenty of money to get what they want.

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