America is Facing Another Crisis, But It Looks Self-Inflicted by Biden Regime

Last year, Joe Biden threatened - not warned, but threatened - Americans with food shortages this year.

But, when you look at everything that's going on, it all stems from some suspicious acts.

Several food companies have suddenly had fires in their facilities. This has all the hallmarks of a manufactured rather than natural food crisis.

I think farmers are really feeling the pressure as well and they're about to start feeling it more now thanks to the conflict in Ukraine.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki repeatedly alluded to challenges obtaining fertilizer in recent press briefings. So did President Joe Biden himself in a joint statement with EU President Ursula von der Leyen.

“We are deeply concerned by how Putin’s war in Ukraine has caused major disruptions to international food and agriculture supply chains, and the threat it poses to global food security. We recognize that many countries around the world have relied on imported food staples and fertilizer inputs from Ukraine and Russia, with Putin’s aggression disrupting that trade,” the leaders stated.

But this may just be more scare tactics from Joe Biden. He's already threatened us with a winter of death the last winter (which never took place). He's been threatening food shortages, which I honestly haven't seen a lot of. We're a resilient nation. Just think of when the country was under lockdown and we were seeing shortages then. Even back then, I was still able to get nearly everything I went to the store for.

Biden says our economy is booming, so this shouldn't affect anything, right? Just start up some American based fertilizer companies to offset the loss. Oh, wait. We already have some...but guess what, we have some and they caught on fire, too!

There was one in North Carolina, one in Washington, and one in Kansas.

Folks, don't be deceived. Democrats want to literally destroy this country and they'll do whatever it takes to do it.

Epoch Times

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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