Amber Heard Under Criminal Investigation Following Johnny Depp Trial

I think that Amber Heard has become one of the most hated actresses in Hollywood. I honestly don't know that you can even consider her part of Hollywood anymore because nobody is going to hire her at this point.

During the trial, she was constantly mocked and criticized

She is absolutely batty. She really is. Can you name one other person who ever made a conscious effort to look at the jury every single time that she answered a question? She wanted to make sure that the jury saw the expressions on her face so that she would be more believable. But she was far from believable. That's why she lost and has to pay Johnny Depp $8 million.

But now she in under criminal investigation in Australia.

“The 36-year-old actress is the subject of an ‘ongoing’ perjury investigation related to court proceedings stemming from her infamous visit to Queensland with Depp in 2015, when she broke Australia’s strict quarantine and biosecurity laws by failing to declare the former couple’s Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, when she flew into the country,” the Daily Mail reported. “Heard was charged with two counts of illegally importing the animals in July 2015, however the case was closed when she pled guilty to falsifying travel documents in a Gold Coast court in April 2016.”

The Daily Wire reported,

The report said that Australian officials have confirmed that they are currently investigating Heard for perjury for allegedly lying to law enforcement about the circumstances surrounding her importation of the dogs into the country.

“The department’s perjury investigation stems from testimony given by a former employee of Depp during his UK libel case against The Sun newspaper in 2020,” the report added. “Depp’s former estate manager Kevin Murphy raised eyebrows Down Under when he told the London court that Heard had ordered him to lie on oath after she flew the pets into Queensland in a private jet without declaring them.”

The two dogs were supposed to be placed under quarantine for 10 days, and when it was discovered that they were never placed under quarantine, the couple was given three days to get the dogs out of the country or they would be put down.

The whole thing is pretty stupid, I'll admit, but she did the crime nonetheless. She even pleaded guilty to falsifying an immigration document and paid a fine.

It seems that lies just follow this woman wherever she goes.

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