Amazon Ring Unveils Home Security Drone That Patrols Your House With A Camera

Ring, the Amazon-owned smart doorbell and security company, has unveiled its new flying indoor camera on thursday morning.

The company said It’s “designed with privacy first,” but some digital security and privacy experts raised concerns about the potential implications of the device.

Founder Jamie Siminoff said in a blog post The Ring “Always Home Cam” is an autonomous, camera-equipped drone that can fly around predetermined areas of a home to offer assorted viewpoints before returning to a docking station to charge. The idea is that a homeowner could check in while away to see if a window was left open or the stove was left on.

The Ring “Always Home Cam” will be avalible next year and the device will retail for $249, the company says.

According to DailyMail

Amazon has unveiled a bizarre home surveillance drone that flies around your house when you're not there and keeps an eye out for intruders.

Unveiled by Ring, the firm's home security arm, the Always Home Cam can fly to check if the stove is off or the window is still open while the user is away.

It consists of a flying black camera, powered by rotor blades, that automatically takes off from a stationary white dock if it detects movement in the house.

The camera streams a live view of what's going on in the user's home to their smartphone via the Ring app, in case of unwelcome visitors.

The drone only records when it is in the air and makes a sound when it flies, so any people in the house know it is recording.

Amazon said was inspired to create a security product that could move more freely throughout the home to 'give more viewpoint flexibility'.

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