Alien-Like Mysterious Liquid Falls from the Sky in Las Vegas Neighborhoods

There seems to be a lot of really strange anomalies happening right now. We recently reported on a story in which hundreds of birds all fell from the sky simultaneously leading many of them to their deaths.

Now, closer to home, in Las Vegas, Nevada, there have been reports of a mysterious substance raining from the sky.

People have no idea where the drops came from.

They looked something similar to oil, but why would it be falling from the sky if it was oil?

Some Las Vegas residents say that the drops have been consistently falling from the sky for approximately 3-4 weeks!

"It could be grease? Oil? I don't know," Marcos Cervantes said while looking at the hood of his mystery liquid coated SUV. "It's very hard to maintain my vehicles. It's very very difficult to be outside in my backyard knowing that I can't even cook or barbecue or anything like that because of droplets on my food."

Neighbors in the area declined an interview, but said they've all experienced the same thing with no explanation.

So, logically, what could this be?

The first thing that would come to mind is some sort of oil from aircrafts that fly overhead. Maybe they leak oil or something.

My second inclination would be that maybe there is some really bad exhaust coming from certain aircrafts and that mixed with the atmospheric conditions in the area create some sort of goopy substance that resembles oil since it would essentially be exhaust mixed with water in the atmosphere.

I really don't know and that's just the two most reasonable things that I could think of. If it's not something along those lines, then I really don't know what it would be unless there are some aliens out there messing with us.

To date, there is still no explanation as to what the fluid is.

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