Adopted Brothers 5 and 7 Lived In With their Dead Mother For a Week After Her Death

71-year-old Connie Taylor had just finish adopting the two young boys when disaster struck and she had a heart attack and died with just her and the two boys at their home. The two boys ages 5 and 7 didn't know how to call for help so they had to live with the corpse for a week before they were found.

Teachers became concerned when the boys didn't show up to school for a week and they had an officer perform a welfare check on the house and that when police found them.

Police said the boys opened the door for officers and told them their mother was 'passed out' on the floor and wouldn't wake up. Police also said the boys fended for themselves for a week by eating food from the pantry and refrigerator.

A neighbor said that the boys thought mom was asleep and the police officers were going to be able to wake her up.

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This story is a real reminder that no matter what is going on in our lives, there is always someone who is suffering greater trials.

Two young brothers from Texas found themselves forced to live alongside their mother’s corpse in their home for an entire week. She had died of a suspected heart attack and they did not know how to call for help. The two boys who are age 5 and 7 were found by police. They were found fending for themselves inside their home in Talty, Texas this past Sunday.

The boys’ mother, Connie Taylor was 71-years-old at the time of her death. She had just officially adopted the two boys last month after initially being their foster mother. The family had just finished celebrating their forever family before tragedy struck.

As of present time, the brothers have not been identified. The two boys were only found after authorities received a call out to the home to carry out a welfare check after the boys had failed to show up to their nearby elementary school for a week.

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