Adam Schiff Interview is Almost Too Painful to Watch (VIDEO)

How different things are after an election. The hunter has become the hunted in the House of Representatives, and the liberals are unquestionably the prey now.

Democrats have spent years conducting pointless "investigations" into the Republican Party. The Biden administration and its congressional allies have had to look over their shoulders and face the music ever since the November midterm elections.

The conversation on CNN on Sunday morning was quite heated as a result of this new reality. Rep. Adam Schiff was asked if he would comply with a GOP House subpoena. Rep. Schiff has spent the most of his career talking on cable news about Republican "scandals." This time he didn't have a lot to say, and to be honest, it's not that much of a surprise.

“If you are subpoenaed by Republicans when they take over, will you comply?”

Schiff’s replied, ”We’ll have to consider the validity of the subpoena.”

Are you serious? The guy has spent years treating subpoenas like they are divine documents with absolute authority. And now that he might receive one, all of a sudden, he has decided that you can decide whether or not it is valid? C'mon man.

He apparently has final say on matters of this nature, and his decisions become House policy, or at least he thinks he does.

CNN's Dana Bush didn't even challenge Schiff's hypocrisy. The same network broke down in tears after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, so they certainly won't give Schiff's ridiculous response a fair treatment.

Remember how Schiff ruined Steve Bannon by accusing him of "contempt of Congress"? This wasn't that long ago, just a few months.  In fact, the California lawmaker was so dedicated that he posted a video on his website gloating about his part in the procedure. In an interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Schiff described the indictment of Bannon for failing to appear in response to the House subpoena as a "powerful message."

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