9-Year-Old Boy Shot Four Times In a Drive-By shooting In Atlanta

In Atlanta, Georgia, a 9-year-old kid was shot four times during a drive-by shooting the boy was outside making a TikTok video with his brother and sister when a car nearby opened fire.

Keyona Carson the mother of the boy, said, "He's here, so that's a blessing," and "He's nine years old, taking shots. He didn't deserve this."

In the report taken by the Atlanta Police Department, shot were fired at a nearby parking lot on Wednesday night. Several cars were hit along with two other people unrelated to the boy, but they also survived. Police picked up 42 shell casings from the scene. No shooter has been identified.

The mother also said "He and his siblings have to get counseling, He's afraid. 42 shells. It's a lot for any kid to have to witness."

According to BuzzFeed

A 9-year-old was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Atlanta last week while he was making TikTok videos with his siblings.

Javonni Carson, who is going into the fourth grade, underwent surgery for injuries to his leg and is expected to recover, his mother, Keyona Carson, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Two other people, both adults, were also shot but survived, according to an incident report obtained by BuzzFeed News.

According to the incident report, the shots were fired into a crowd in a parking lot, causing people to run and hide behind cars. The shooter, who was in a car, has not yet been identified.

Carson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution her young son had been filming TikToks with his two older siblings when the gunfire rang out.

“My other two kids were there, too, and they saw everything,” Carson said. “Someone just drove by and started shooting.”

Javonni was rushed to the hospital by his father, police said.

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