6 Officers Injured, 18 Demonstrators Arrested After Seattle Riot

Six officers were wounded at a Seattle protest, just like all the other protests it quickly turned into a riot after demonstrators threw explosives at police one officer even had to go to the hospital for his injuries.

Eighteen rioters were also arrested that night after Seattle cops declared the incident a riot and used pepper spray to disperse the rioters after they started launching explosive devices at police. Around 100 demonstrators mobbed the Seattle Police Officers and pelted responding police officers with a large number of rocks and bottles as they tried to disperse the unruly crowd on Sunday.

All 18 of the rioters arrested, whose charges weren’t specified by police in the announcement, were detained and booked into the King County Jail following their apprehension, authorities said.

According to King5

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) declared an anti-police union demonstration in SODO a riot Sunday night. Six police officers were injured, and 18 people were arrested.

One officer was hospitalized and released but has not returned to duty.

Police said in a news release the violence erupted during a protest Sunday night against the Seattle Police Officers Guild. Someone set off a large explosive and attempted to break the window of a police vehicle.

Bottles, rocks, and fireworks were reportedly thrown at officers after the crowd was ordered to disperse.

Police have released bodycam video of some of the explosives being thrown at them.

The SPD said blast balls and pepper spray were used to disperse the crowd.

Of the arrests made over the weekend, Seattle police referred four cases for review, according to a spokesperson for the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Prosecutors said there wasn’t enough evidence to meet the office’s filing standards to request bail.


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