58,000+ Truckers Join MASSIVE Convoy to Protest and Defy Mandates - This Would Wreck Supply Chain

There's something massive happening right now that is being completely ignored by the mainstream media. If I were as liberal is the mainstream media I would be ignoring this too because the implications of this are absolutely monstrous.

A massive convoy of approximately 58,000 truckers have been traveling across Canada to protest the mandates going on up there. And honestly it's something that we should be paying attention to as well because this it doesn't just pertain to Canada, this has to do with the entire supply chain for the country in much of the world.

Keep in mind we have drivers here in the United States that crossover the Canadian border as well in between Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau they are mandating that all truckers get there you know what.

Can you take a moment just to really sit back and consider how insane this is? We're talking about people who spend most of their time inside of a truck by themselves. Over the years I've worked with plenty of truck drivers personally. I'm also very good friends with several truck drivers.

Of all the people that are most "hazardous" - if they want to put it that way - to the health of other people truckers are not one of them. Also of all times to do this, why now? We have one foot out the door and getting away from this thing because it's so mild now. But liberals want to act like the apocalypse is upon us.

If this mandate stands, then as many as 32,000 truck drivers will potentially be taken off the roads. Just think what will happen to our supply chain then. We're already having trouble with the supply chain and it keeps getting worse as the Biden regime sits on their hands and just laughs about it.

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