$47,000/Year Manhattan School Where Barron Trump Attended, Introduces Mandatory P*rn Lessons Including ‘Incest Roleplay’

A highly elite private school in Manhattan, which just happens to be the former school that Barron Trump, the son of President Trump, attended while they lived in New York.

The Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School is the latest educational institution to stir up controversy with its most recent addition to its curriculum.

The project, which is being touted as a 'health and sexuality workshop,' is titled “P*rnography Literacy: An intersectional focus on mainstream p*rn.”

The workshop introduces students to a variety of pornography genres and reveals the top p*rn search queries of 2019. Genres covered include '[email protected]@ng,' 'stepmother' and '[email protected]'

Fortunately, the class isn't just about teaching sexual terminology; there's a healthy dose of social awareness. The lesson will focus on SJW-friendly topics like 'the org*sm gap;' apparently, [email protected] men are guilty of 'male privilege,' even in this arena. However, despite our out-of-control woke climate, sanity does still exist among some adults.

The presentation was also quite thorough in opening these young and impressionable minds to the vibrant diversity of p*rn genres lying just a few keystrokes away from them such as ‘incest-themed’ p*rn, and was even considerate enough to the plethora of gradations within the colorful world of p*rnography, from ‘consensual or vanilla’, ‘barely legal’, ‘kink’, and of course BDSM. To add commercial flare to the presentation and to give the next generation of consumers more avenues to waste their future wages away, the website OnlyFans, a site that allows people to view anything from n*des to p*rn videos of the many dedicated content creators on the site in exchange for monthly subscriptions, was also brought to the students’ attention for what is trusted to be very well-thought out and rational reasons.

Students' parents were furious to learn that the hefty sums they shell out annually are being used to indoctrinate their children to be aware of systemic injustice -- even in p*rnography.

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